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Here at EDDY, we know that your customers have high expectations of the food they purchase at your restaurant, supermarket, club store, or convenience store. That’s why, at each step of the way, we consider the people who will prepare, serve and eat our food. We’re committed to the highest standards of production, preparation and packaging of our beef, pork, poultry and bakery products. You and your customers can trust in our commitment to you. You can and should always expect the best from EDDY Foods.

Our Products

Why Choose EDDY Foods?

EDDY produces great‐tasting, top‐quality branded and private label foods for retail and food service companies. We are a USDA Federally inspected, BRC A‐Rated facility that adheres to the highest standards for meat production, processing and packaging.

Our offerings include a variety of fresh and frozen Ready‐to‐cook/prepare, Ready‐to‐eat/serve, and Bakery items. Our smoked meats are slow‐smoked over REAL wood smoke—using EDDY Foods’ proprietary blend of hardwoods.

EDDY knows that variety is part of what makes great food so enjoyable. Our “Big Texas Taste” line of foods include:

  • Smoked Sausage
  • Meat‐filled Bakery Items
  • Barbeque Items
  • Seasoned/Marinated Meats
  • Fajita‐seasoned Meats

More and more retailers and food service operators are learning about EDDY and our “Small Town Heart ‐ Big Texas Taste” every day. Give us a call to try our great food for yourself!

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