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Where is EDDY Foods located?

We are located in Yoakum Texas at 404 Airport Road. We are approximately 1 ½ hours from Austin and San Antonio, and about 2 hours from Houston, TX. If you are driving into Yoakum, follow navigation to our address, which will direct you to
Airport Road. Our facility is approximately 300,000 square feet and sits on 142 acres directly across from the old Yoakum Municipal Airport.

Do you have information on USDA Guidelines?

We are a federally inspected plant, operating under USDA guidelines for all of our branded and private label production. For more information on USDA, go to their website at:

Does EDDY Foods deliver?

Yes, we work with local, regional and national distributors and transportation companies to deliver our items across the entire US.

Does EDDY provide preparation instructions for your items?

Yes. All labels include the following instructions: (use existing instructions as shown above.) At end of instructions, add “for additional assistance, please reach out to us via our contact page.”

What specific items does EDDY specialize in?

EDDY Foods is a premier processor of value‐added beef, pork, poultry and bakery items. Some of our most popular items include our pre‐seasoned marinated meats (both ready‐to‐cook/prepare, as well as ready‐to‐eat/serve,) our pulled pork, beef and chicken, our slow‐smoked Texas Brisket, and of course our Old Fashioned Texas Smoked Sausage!

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