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Our People

"Everyone takes a personal interest in the job that we do here…What inspires me is knowing that we are feeding America and the product that goes out this door is going out across this country. Keeping this place clean means we’re protecting families. I share with the sanitation employees that what you do goes out on people’s tables. (they can say) “I produced that and I can guarantee that that’s a quality product!”

Allen Nooner, Sanitation Operations Manager

“I’ve been here at EDDY for nearly 20 years. My job is customer service, as part of our Foodservice team. I work with a lot of people every day, and my overall goal is to meet our customer’s expectations, keep them happy, and get the job done. Here at EDDY, we are located in Yoakum Texas, which is a small town…and you cannot hide in a small town. I love my job, my team, and our customers."

Diane Bell, Foodservice Customer Service

"Since I was little, I’ve always loved to help people and I feel like HR is the perfect field for me to do that. We’re a small town…and we put our love and dedication into this product and then we send it out. To me that means we’re spreading our love across the country just by producing the products we make. I try to concentrate on teamwork working with my peers—having good communication— it goes a long way with the rest of the company."

Grecia Hernandez, HR Generalist and Recruiter

"I love the interaction with the employees—They know they can always come to me with any questions or concerns that they have. We are from such a small town, but we’re well known throughout the United States! I have a great team that I work with. I work well with my team members and I just encourage people to come and work here, so that they can experience that same thing."

Ashley Skelton, Human Resources Manager

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